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An app store or app marketplace is a digital distribution platform where there is various software made available for the user to download and use according to their need. Various apps provide a various set of functionalities which differs in terms of usage by the users. Apps are available in all genre. One can download the apps according to their use and entertainment. There is a vast number of stores available. The most familiar and popular stores are The google play store( for Android) , The app store (for ios), Windows store which is now known as the Microsoft store. These are the primary app marketplace which comes inbuilt with the product you purchase. In order to use this stores, you need to make an account for the store based on the product platform you are using. Like if you are using google play store you need to make an account on google, Similarly, for apple app store, you need to make an apple id to use the store. Same goes for the Microsoft store, a Microsoft account is required to use the store. All of these stores provide tons and tons of applications based on different genre. This store provides certain apps for free and certain with a price tag. The price of many apps is not that pocket-friendly. These popular stores are known as first party app stores. Because they are made by the company itself for their own line of products and platforms.

There are two types of stores primary and secondary. The primary ones are those which come with the product and are made by the own company. The secondary ones are the third party ones which are made by other vendors. As compared to primary ones there are huge no of third-party app store which offers more functionalities than the primary ones. Let’s see how the third party app stores are different from the other. The main feature of third-party app stores is to provide all the apps for free of cost. The apps which consist of a price tag in primary stores are made for free in the third party store. The second thing is the updates, yes you heard it right the updates to all the apps comes earlier as compared to one in the primary app store. Third- party app store provides more advanced apps. Now there will be a thought rising in your mind that which are the best third-party app store available in the market and are they safe? First of all these app stores need to be downloaded from the browser. Not all app store are safe, but don’t worry we are here to provide you with the best in the class app store which is not only safe but it is reliable and handy too. That app store is none other than 9Apps.

9apps is a very popular app store in the market. As it is an app store it is not available on any of the primary app stores, you need to download separately from your browser. 9apps was initially started in China made by the Alibaba group. It received an overwhelming response so they decide to release it globally. Many users appreciated this third-party app store. Many app stores have a clumsy UI (User Interface). But 9apps have the best and simplistic interface. Which is very sleek and easy to use. The app itself is slim in size too. As compared to other app stores their size is bigger. But this app store(9apps) is very minimal in size. Let’s check out the awesome features of 9apps which make it stand out different from other app stores.

Features of 9apps v

  1. Small size :- As compared to other competitors this app is very minimal in size. This is the most important feature because the lesser the space of an app the more space is saved for the phone. Size of 9apps v3.0.9.3 is under 3mb.
  2. Wide range and content of apps :- A wide variety of apps are available on 9apps. The special feature of this is that if a certain app
    from your play store is not available in your country, that app will be available in 9apps. 9apps offers all kinds of apps which are made in different countries. And hence help a user to experience varieties of apps from the different part of the country.
  3. Good download manager :- You can’t pause or resume your downloads in primary stores and other stores. Well, 9apps offers you a good download manager where you can choose which app to download first, which apps to be kept on pause mode and then resume later. The download is fast as compared to other stores
  4. Free content :- All the apps on 9apps are free of cost with no hidden purchases. Unlike other appstore where apps are free but they have in-app purchases. 9apps provides all the contents for free of cost.
  5. Virus and malware protection :- Not all the third-party app store provides this feature, but 9apps surely does. The apps uploaded on the store are scanned many times in order to check that they are free from all sort of viruses and malware. Various other testing is also done in order to protect the user’s phone.
  6. High-quality content :- There is no compromise in terms of quality of the content. Whether it be movie, pictures or games the quality is high and top notch which gives a richer experience to the user.

Now let’s see how you can download 9apps :-

1. Open your web browser (any browser Google chrome or UC or any other of your

2. Search for 9apps apk.

3. You can download that from the official site or any other site you wish too. (https://eidmubarak16.com/ ).

4. Then click on the install button.

5. Once installed it will prompt for device administration, go to settings under that go to
security settings.

6 Search for device administration.

7. Then toggle on the unknown resources.

8. Once you toggle on then click on the install button.

9. Once installed you are good

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