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9Apps SHAREit

Earlier known as Anyshare, this great app has millions of users worldwide. SHAREit is a wireless technology that helps users to transfer files from one device to another. Chinese company called Paradox launched SHAREit with an objective to help people send or receive the desired files through different devices. SHAREit was initially launched under Lenovo and was an unauthorised app. This caused a lot of trouble to the users. The app was not for Windows users which was sort of a bane to them because 9Apps SHAREit is one of a kind! Later, this problem was resolved as it became an authorised, multiplatform application.

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It is currently available in 39+ languages  that includes English, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Arabic etc. This makes it easy for users to operate the app efficaciously. Before SHAREit or other similar apps, we had Bluetooth. It is yet another wireless technology for sharing data over short distances (less than 30 feet). Both SHAREit and Bluetooth are promising to provide its users easy transfer of files within no time. But SHAREit has truly outsmarted Bluetooth by its faster speed and wifi connectivity feature. Also, it supports file sharing in Android, iOS, and Windows using direct wi-fi connections. It can send photos, videos, documents, music, GIFs and apps from different devices like computers, tablets and phones.

Download SHAREit from 9Apps APK

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Downloading SHAREit is an easy task to perform. You can download SHAREit from 9Apps with no penny from your end. The steps are quite simple. Firstly, you should have 9Apps in your device.

You can download 9Apps by searching on Google and downloading it from a secure site. And remember, do not to provide any personal details, if asked.

Once 9Apps application is downloaded and installed, open it. Now search for SHAREit on 9Apps, you will see the result as shown in the picture below. Just click on the download button and there you go!

This 16.1MB app has millions of users and is updated everyday providing a familiar GUI for uncomplicated operations.

Having been briefed about SHAREit, we also need to know its pros and cons.


  • It is faster than its counterparts.
  • It transfers all kinds of files like music, apps, photos, etc.
  • Multiplatform application i.e. it supports Android, iOS as well as Windows.
  • Works on phones, laptops. Tablets, desktops, etc.
  • Free of cost.
  • Direct Wi-Fi settings.


  • The connection has to be setup all over again, if lost.
  • Provides minimal instructions.
  • It tends to crash sometimes and become unstable.

In this busy, modern world, who wants to keep waiting for hours to download a movie, or a music video? Just ‘Share it!’, sharing is fun! And not to forget, ‘Sharing is Caring’! Okay that sounds dumb, but SHAREit has clearly proved to be better than all the apps of similar categories like Xender, SuperBeam, Zapya, etc.

It is also available in Google Playstore. You just have to search and click on the install button. And you’re done! It is free of cost, user-friendly and gives seamless experience to its users.

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