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In this era of Socializing and Networking, We all require a guide or an app to make us more
social, more responsible towards our community and our country. Now keeping up with our friends and loved ones is faster and easier with 9apps Facebook app. We can even share photos and videos, Talk to our friends and stay connected to all the communities which is important for us.

But what is 9Apps?

9Apps Facebook is the most popular app store for smartphones with variety of apps ranging from games to
music, social to productivity. All this with cool contests and many more things to look forward to.
Most of the apps are free of cost on 9Apps and it downloads apps at lightening fast speed with
quick installation. Price comparison feature, small app (3-4 MB) and easy to use User interface
are some other benefits of using 9apps.

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9apps always arranges a meet and greet session online with 9apps users to get frequent customer feedback and ideas to improve upon existing features. Users can also win gift vouchers by participating in festival offers and sale.

Why should I download Facebook from 9apps?

Normally when we use Facebook we often face the problem of reliability and speed. Facebook app takes a huge chunk of RAM and phone memory. But 9Apps Facebook is very reliable with speed and memory issues. As it uses less data and is rich in content, It makes our journey to socialize easier than ever.

9apps Facebook already has over 10 million users and a smaller size of just 60.9 MB. 9apps also makes updates download easier and faster than other play stores.

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How to download Facebook from 9Apps?

So if you are not a techie or a tech-guru these steps will be your key to 9apps Facebook app.

1. First open the Google Web browser or any other browsers you use.

2. Then visit the official website address of 9apps which is 9apps.com

3. Sign-up/Login to 9apps account.

4. After logging in, Find the Download button and click it.

5. After the downloading is finished, Install it.

6. Complete the process by tapping the finish button after installation is done.

7. Log in to 9apps Application using your login details.

8. Now search for Facebook app in 9apps store.

9. Click on download button nearby app name.

10. Your app is now ready to use.

11. Sign-up/Login to Facebook.

12. 9apps Facebook is now ready to use.

You can also Download 9Apps for iOS using Google browser and follow the same steps as mentioned in earlier user guide. Now you can connect with your friends and use Facebook with ease using 9apps.

On this note, I will end my post.

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