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9Apps Facebook Lite

Social Networking sites are a boon to the world. Just one touch, and you are able to reach your most distant relative! Have you ever wondered what would it be like, if you are kept devoid of all the virtual privileges? Your life will be in turmoils. It will be a bummer without social platforms. We should be thankful to the social networking sites developers for giving us this wonderful privelege. One of the most popular social platform is Facebook. Everybody must be familiar with the the term ‘Facebook’. It is an American social networking
service company which allows users to share their personal news to their family and friends. Earlier, the objective of facebook was to help students of Harvard University to exchange personal events, announcements, news, photographs, etc. Gradually, the objectives became much larger and Facebook became popular worldwide. Facebook Lite, as the name suggests, is a lighter version of Facebook.It is developed by creators of Facebook. It can work on all networks, slow or unstable. It can even work on 2G networks. It uses less storage space and downloads quickly. It supports Android 2.3 and higher. It was build mainly to use facebook on low internet connectivity. Therefore, not too many features are added to this. It’s Graphical User Interface is dull as compared to the original Facebook. The standard Facebook has a rich GUI and many more features.

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However, Facebook Lite has its own advantages like it uses very low internet and occupies low space on phone. It can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore and 9Apps. It is a worthy replacement of Facebook original app when you have have fast internet crises. Developers have build Facebook Lite with agenda of making it work on low-end phones and poor data connections. It is under 1MB , when you download it. After downloading and installing the app it just uses 2.82 MB of space on your device. Regular facebook app, on the other hand, uses 195 MB of your device and 58 MB while the downloading procedure. About the photos, 9Apps Facebook Lite
downloads photos with low-resolution but that is enough for an area that does not support much internet connection. It will always cost less than the original, standard Facebook app.

You can easily download Facebook Lite from 9Apps. A set of easy-peasy steps have to be followed to download 9Apps Facebook Lite. Now the question is how do we download 9Apps? Since the app is not available on Google Playstore, it has to be downloaded from any secure and reliable. Search on your regular browser for 9Apps on you Android, iOS devices. After the secure download and installation of 9Apps, you just have to open the app that has now appeared on your homesceen and search for Facebook Lite.

9apps facebook lite

Click on the ‘Download’ button and you’re done! 9Apps Facebook Lite is very similar to Facebook standard application. Right now, it’s available in Asian Countries but soon it will be released in Europe , Africa, and Latin America. So when, once Mark Zuckerberg said – ‘Internet for all’. He actually meant it!

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