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9Apps AppLock – Download AppLock from 9Apps App for Free Android!

AppLock Download from 9Apps Free!

Applock download from 9Apps

Quick question! Why do we lock our homes? Or let’s put it this way!

9Apps : What will happen if we don’t lock our homes? Surely, you all have one common answer, i.e, ‘theft’.  Or perhaps, ‘privacy’!

Similar is the case with phones these days. There is a strong need for our phones to be locked in order to avoid unwanted accesses. According to a survey, there are many people who don’t bother to lock their phones because they find the unlocking thing annoying. More precisely, they prefer to leave their phones unlocked to avoid complications of making patterns and entering PIN, every now and then. Realizing, there is no other way to protect your phone from illicit access, is the need of the hour.

Why download AppLock from 9Apps App?

AppLock is an application that helps to protect your phones from mishappenings like privacy invasion or theft of important information. It has over 350 million users in over 50 countries and supports 39+ languages.

The best part is, now you don’t have to worry about the sudden attacks that your parents make towards you cellphones! It ensures security and prevents unauthorized access. The Device Administrator permits it to enable ‘Advanced Protection’ so that it prevents intruders from uninstalling any app from your phone. It also has an amazing feature which helps to take selfies of the invaders so that you remain vigilant from next time! Despite having such features people tend to ignore it.

Along with the above characteristics, it provides power-saving mode and consumes less memory of your phone. You can easily download it from 9apps App for free. Just search for AppLock in the search bar on top right corner and press the download button.

9Apps AppLock Download Free

In 9Apps APK you have several options for different applications offering the same priveleges. You can download any of them considering their MB, ratings and other criteria. It is really easy to download apps from 9Apps application. 9Apps is a multiplatfrom application that supports Android, iOS, Windows and PCs. It has a fantastic Graphical User Interface that provides a familiar atmosphere to the users. It also provides those apps which are unauthorised by Google or are to be paid. It provides everything for free!

AppLock application can make your life tension-free to some extent. It can lock Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Contacts, Settings, Gallery, Call Logs, Gmail, Text Messages, and everything. It protects all the installed apps. You can also use fingerprints, number passwords and patterns to lock your apps. You can even hide the app icon so that no one will get to know that you actually locked your phone and get all mysterious about it! Your data and applications will be protected and only you will be able to use them.

You can also download AppLock from Google Playstore as well. The process is simple. Search for the required app and you will get several results. Click on the desired application and press the Install button. 9Apps APK will take less than a minute to download and install, if you have high speed internet connection.

You can see the ratings and reviews of the people if you are not sure about the app on 9Apps itself.

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