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This is the smartphone era. People everywhere are using smartphones for a number of computing related activities. When it comes to smartphones, people use them for various tasks like watching movies, sending emails, making video calls, clicking photographs and making videos.

These are barely less than half of the total things which smartphones are capable of doing. Thanks to fast internet access, today, smartphones can access internet faster than most of the computers out there, and due to the blazing fast processors, they can run heavy (PC grade) apps and games.

But from where are we supposed to download all those great apps and games? Well, worry not, because the best place to download all the latest apps and games (on Android) is 9Apps.

9Apps is an app distribution platform which has been developed by the world famous Alibaba Group. It was released in 2012 as an app and website which allows Android users to download apps, games, trending videos, wallpapers, and ringtones. That mentioned, probably one of the coolest feature of 9Apps is that all the content it features (i.e. all the games and apps) is absolutely free of cost. So, no need to spend those big bucks on games or apps anymore. 9Apps contains all the latest content (even the premium, paid ones) for absolutely free! So download 9Apps today and enjoy the best app market experience on your device.

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