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9apps is the best android application down loader available on internet which provides over 200k downloadable resources for free, Including Free and paid android games, applications and along with that music, ringtones, videos, etc.
There are many alternatives of Google Play store are available but 9apps is the best. Reason of its massive popularity is its ads-free and faster services.
Unlike other alternativesdownload-9apps of Play-store, 9apps doesn’t share malware and adware along with the application. All those resources which are uploaded on 9apps server are clean and well tested by its developers.
The main reason why other alternatives are not preferred is security issue. The user of 9apps android application need not to worry about the any kind of security issues because 9apps doesn’t require any kind of special permissions and all uploads are clean and tested.

In order to download 9apps android application click here or on the link provided below.

Major key factor of its huge success is the higher performance capability of 9apps, this application only required 5 MB space of your cellphones internal memory and supports almost all android systems from android version 2.1 Froyo to 7.0 Nougat. This application works well with any decent internet connection (3G preferred).
Since the size of the application is less and it does not require any kind of heavy processes it works perfectly fine on low end android phones. Many users have already replaced Playstore with 9apps because it consumes 75% lesser memory space then Google Playstore.

Reasons to install 9apps

As we know that there are many applications on Google Playstore which have region lock enabled, this feature don’t allow users from restricted region to download applications. Example Pokémon Go is not available in India and many other Asian countries.

One cannot use Google Playstore in China so users from countries where traditional sores are not available they prefer using 9apps application store. All applications stored on 9apps server are accessible to all users around the world. It allows user to download multiple files simultaneously, this feature is still not available in Google Play.
9apps is your total entertainment pack, along with android applications it enables you to download latest music, ringtones and movies.

There is no need to download and install application immediately, it allows user to download and backup application in smartphone for later use. This app doesn’t require heavy background usage so it won’t affect your downloading speed, you can download files without any interruption.

Major Key Features of 9apps

  • Enables simultaneous downloads of applications
  • Over 200K download resources available
  • No size restriction is there, you can download till the phone storage capacity
  • One can easily create backup of applications downloaded from the 9apps server in the phone memory.
  • Its size is less than 5 MB. It requires 75% less space than Google Playstore
  • No region restriction is there, users from around the world can access all the resources available on 9apps server
  • The application comes in 15 different languages and it is having interactive user interface


Download 9apps android application from the link given below

Step 1: Before installing the 9apps Android Application you have to enable an option in your Android Smartphone’s settings.

Go to Settings>Settings> Allow unknown Sources.

Step 2: Now open the path where you have downloaded the 9apps.apk and click on it.

Step 3: Once you click on 9apps apk it will open an installation window, Just press next till it displays Install button on the bottom right button and install it

Step 4: After the application is installed in your android device you can access it from the application menu.

Step 5: thousands of android applications & other internet resources are few steps away to download from.

9apps /Google Playstore /Amazon App store

Playstore Amazon Appstore 9apps
User can download current version of application User can download current version of application Any version of android app can be downloaded from 9apps server
User have to purchase premium applications User have to purchase premium applications All applications are free to download from our servers
Size is 25-45MB Size is 30-45MB


Less than 5MB
Complex UI Little Bit complex UI Simple User Interface
User can download one application at a time User can download one application at a time


Supports multiple download

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